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Selling Bred Females and Weigh Ups

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Burke Livestock Auction is a family owned livestock marketing center in Burke, South Dakota. We are located in the South Central part of the state, along Highway 18. Cattle sales are held weekly on Saturdays.

The business was started by Herris Lambley and family in 1967, in the small town of Burke - with today's population peaking at around 800 (on a good day). We pride ourselves in supporting local businesses in our community, which have been growing and expanding for the past 50 years.

In the fall of 2014, Herris sold the auction facility to his son, Donivan, and two grandsons, Chisum and Dillon. Today, the business is operated by the three Lambley men, along with their families and employees.

Approximately 35,000 of south central South Dakota and north central Nebraska's finest feeder and breeding cattle are marketed through the Burke Livestock barn annually. Our regular sale day is Saturday. Every one of our sales are managed with pride on the foundation of honesty and hard work. We look forward to working WITH YOU or FOR YOU in the future! Thanks for your business!

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    January 20, 2018

    Special Bred Heifer and Bred Cow Sale

    Selling Bred Females and Weigh Ups

      10:00 AM Weigh Ups 1:00 PM Bred Females

    Bred Hfrs:
    Mryon-Jessie Johnson: 25 BLK Hfrs AI to proven low birth wiegh bulls-
    Journey, Acclaim, Hickok, Broken Bow sires clf 2/20/2018.  11 BLK Hfrs
    bull bred LBW clf 3/10/18 for 30 days Image maker brilliance sires- All
    heifres have had First scour guard shots. A very fancy home raised
    heifers running out #1175-1275 605-830-1321 or 605-830-1556

    Justin Heath: 25 BLK AI to Feb 20th-25 BLK bull bred clf March 1st-10
    BLK wf A-I to clf Feb 20th
    5 BLKwf  bull bred. All of the  AI hfrs were bred to effective and
    whitlock and the bull bred heifers are bred to proven LBW Raven Angus
    bulls. A very fancy set of  hfrs that are very gentle, maternal and on a
    complete shot program. 605-840-5052

    Cordell Hofer: 35 F1 blk wf few blk hfrs AI’d to Chinook for 2 days to
    begin calving 2/1/18 & 75 blk wf, blk & few red wf hfrs bred to proven
    LBW angus bulls to calve 3/1/18. All heifers are homeraised, on a
    current vaccination program, ultrasounded into short calving periods,
    and will weigh 1000-1100 lbs. Another fancy set of ranch raised heifers.

    Don Even: 63 WF heifers, 37 head AI’d to calve 3/1/18 for one day to
    2720955 Ponca Creek Angus calving ease bull, & 26 WF bull bred heifers
    bred to LBW Johnson angus or WBG Gelbveih balancer bulls to begin
    calving 3/15/18 and ultrasounded into 10 day calving periods. They are
    big and gentle and running out weighing 975-1075 lbs . 605-830-0699

    Complete Dispersion: Ed & Gloria Weber 231 blk & few red angus cows and
    heifers. Including: 30 1st calf heifers bred to proven LBW blk angus
    bulls, 25 coming 3 year olds 25 coming 4 year olds, 47 coming 5 year
    olds, 40 coming 6-8 year olds, 63 8 years and up and had bulls turned in
    on June 13th 2017 with 92 cows bred to strictly black angus bulls and
    the balance being bred to black and red angus. All cows and heifers are
    homeraised and will be one of the premier sets of cows we offer this
    year. They are used to runing out and calving on their own and have
    always been current on a shot and mineral program. 402-340-6586

    Jessie Zeisler: 11 blk Hfrs bred proven LBW angus bulls tp calve
    3/26/18 for 30 days and will weigh 1100-1150 lbs. These heifers have had
    all of their prebreeding and first scour guard shot and are extremely
    gentle. Also, 33 big blk short-solid and broken mouth cows that are bred
    to Zeisler Charolais bulls to begin calving 3/23/18. A dispersion of
    older cows that are proven calf raisers. 402-775-1505

    Pending Complete Dispersion: Joe Macetrich 40 WF 3-6 year old cows bred
    wf bulls to calve 3/10/18

    Clark Horn: 18 blk & blk wf cows bred to Prairie Valley Charolais
    bulls to calve 3/18/18. This set of cows is age dispersed each year and
    will be big and raise very good char x calves. 605-830-2265

    Rob Kehn: 20 blk x cows bred blk or wf to calve 4/1/18 Good running age
    calves that wean big calves.

    Several other consignments of runing age cows along with 50-100 late
    calving young to old cows.

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    January 27, 2018

    Special Feeder Cattle Sale

    NO WEIGH UPS 3000 feeder cattle

      11:30 AM Feeder Cattle
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    February 3, 2018

    Special Bred Heifer & Bred Cow Sale

    Selling Weigh up Cattle and Bred Females

      10:00 AM Weigh Ups 1:00 PM Bred Cows
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